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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have unanswered questions feel free to message us using the Contact page or email

How do the workshops work?

Either in person (Covid19 Restrictions Dependent) or over Zoom. these will be presented by an accredited tutor who will talk you through useful information, analogies, presentations, and set assignments for you to complete.

After graduation support

After graduation support can be provided via e-mail.

You´re more than welcome to keep in touch!

Why Men only?

Although we like to aim our sights towards Men and Fathers, anyone is able to join the course.

Alternatively for a more mother and baby focused workshop, visit

The School of Antenatal Educators


Do we claim commission?

No Commission, no ties, no yearly memberships.

purely teaching.


Our services are non-refundable.

How many hours in total am I required to attend during the Workshops?

You are required to attend 50 hours of learning throughout the course - these include the assignments plus workshop attendance run at different hours/day at different locations so please email for further information on the Workshop in your area.


We have a pricing structure available via email.

Often we have promotions to fill leftover spaces so feel free to enquire. 

What does the qualification enable you to do?

To teach pregnancy, labour and birth in a professional environment through your own independent business. 

Are there refresher courses?

yes, we offer yearly refresher courses.

please enquire over email for more information

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