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Parental Mental Health


Prevention is better than a cure.

With Mental health finally being recognised more in main stream media and with a myriad of amazing organisations out there to assist those in need, it is important to take a step back and educate parents to a satisfactory degree so that anxiety and depression may not have a footing to grow.

We make an effort to talk openly about mental health with our parents to be, to teach them of things to come and how to tackle it. Postnatal depression (PND) is often encountered in parenthood, they may feel like there is something wrong with them, "How could i feel so negatively about my own baby?". 

Giving a listening ear to those in this situation and helping them understand that they are not alone, they are not the first to feel the way they do and they certainly wont be the last can alleviate the feeling of being alone, or broken.  



You don't have to be a first time parent to be anxious or lost about your pregnancy. Perhaps you are worried about your partner, their health, and the safety and health of the Baby.

Provisions to learn or be reminded of what is happening or what is to come is an amazing way to keep worries and anxiety at bay. 

often little things like knowing how big Baby is during given months or learning what stages of growth or the senses Baby is developing can yield overwhelmingly positive results when it comes to anxiety.

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