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Our Team


Matthew Pearce

Hi, My name is Matthew

I am the Founder of Dad's Reach, an Organisation to help Men and Partners to understand and support their Partner in pregnancy and birth.

With a Family history and an interest in Antenatal Education, I felt there could be more out there to assist Fathers-to-be in being confident and educated during pregnancy, birth, and baby.

Accredited via The School of Antenatal Educators and FEDANT UK, FEDANT Reg: 557707


Dawn Rosevear

Hi my name is Dawn

I am the founder of The School of Antenatal Educators, after having four children I found my passion for pregnancy and birth After many jobs I found myself wanting my independence - needing to be at home with my children, that's when I discovered the field of Antenatal Education.

I have taught Midwives, Lawyers, Doctors, Mums and Dads to teach Antenatal, passing on the skills I have learned through the years! I have enjoyed every second of my journey and truly find pleasure in teaching new students from around the world, watching them grow, watching their businesses grow from strength to strength!

Training Antenatal Educators isn't work for me - its a passion.

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Elliot Reeve

My name is Elliot

I will be working along side Matthew to help the reach of fatherhood around the world.

Having family that work in the caring sector from a young age opened my mind with people and peoples issues.

I have always had a passion for caring and teaching since a young age and it has pushed me to want help and teach more people; and what a good way to start but with fresh life in our world   

We can offer training through:

Antenatal Practitioner Workshops

Could you see yourself as a teacher?

Our Online taught classes can award you as a certified Antenatal Educator so you can build your own business teaching others


Antenatal Workshops

Online or Organised Workshops with activities, videos, presentations, etc with a FEDANT UK accredited Educator, so you can learn, ask questions, and have confidence on the choices being made on the road to parenthood.

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