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Antenatal Workshops and Antenatal Courses

Are you a soon-to-be Father? Join us in our group workshops over Zoom or in Person (COVID19 dependent). Here you will be able to learn how you can effectively care your partner during pregnancy and learn what happens to her and the babies body as the baby grows. We make an effort to use 3D visualisations, activities, presentations and experiences for you to be able to take and withhold information so that you can effectively use what you have learned all through pregnancy and birth.

Our experienced Tutors are friendly, approachable and always welcome questions with open arms.

Perhaps you're looking to start your own business in the field of Antenatal? We can take you through 10 assignments accompanied by Zoom classes to guide you through the 'in's and out's' of teaching effectively, holding a class, and the in depth information required to be able to teach Antenatal on a professional level.

All our practitioner courses are registered and accredited (Reg. 557707). upon receiving your diploma we would encourage you to register with yourself.

and as always, our Email's are open for any questions or concerns

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